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All photographs by Tseng Kwong Chi are copyrighted by Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc., New York.

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How can I contact the Estate of Tseng Kwong Chi?

Please email the Estate at or see the image request forms above.

How can I get permission to reproduce photographs by Tseng Kwong Chi in a magazine, newspaper, book, catalogue or article?

Muna Tseng Dance Projects owns the copyright to all photographs created by Tseng Kwong Chi, regardless of individual artwork ownership. Reproductions of any artwork must be approved in writing and be accompanied in publication by the credit “Photograph by Tseng Kwong Chi © (year) Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc., New York” If you are interested in using an image by Tseng Kwong Chi in any publication, please contact

Does the Estate loan Tseng Kwong Chi’s work to museums for exhibitions?

Yes. Please contact the Estate at

Does the Estate sell artworks by Tseng Kwong Chi?

To purchase original photographs, please contact our representative Galleries.

Where can I see artworks by Tseng Kwong Chi? Can the general public view photographs owned by the Estate?

Tseng’s artworks are on view in many museums and gallery spaces worldwide. Please see our Exhibitions page for current and upcoming shows.

How can I determine how much my Tseng Kwong Chi photograph is worth?

Please contact the Estate at or one of the auction house photograph departments— Sotheby’s (, Christie’s (1-212-636-2330) or Phillips de Pury (

How can I get a work by Tseng Kwong Chi authenticated?

Muna Tseng Dance Projects is the sole authority to provide authentication of Tseng Kwong Chi’s artwork. The work will need to be transported to the Estate for authentication to take place. We charge a fee of $200 USD. Please email with information about the work and an image, and allow one month for the process.

Does the Estate accept gifts of Tseng Kwong Chi’s artwork?

Yes. Please contact the Estate at

What is the history and mission of the Estate?

In 1990, ownership of the Estate of Tseng Kwong Chi was granted by bequest to Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc., a federal not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York, administered by Tseng Kwong Chi’s sister, dancer and choreographer Muna Tseng, Director of the Estate, who oversees exhibitions and publications worldwide. Proceeds fund the legacy management and preservation of Tseng Kwong Chi’s work. Please visit Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc. at


Tseng Kwong Chi, New York, New York, 1983