1980’s in Black & White

a selection
The Gang’s All Here, New York, New York, 1980
"These black-and-white and Polaroid images (which invariably included Tseng himself, garbed in his signature Mao suit and shades) have the weight of historical document and the intimacy and playfulness of a snapshot." - Victoria Pedersen, Paper
TSENG Kwong Chi and Keith Haring, New York, New York, c. 1983
"From the beginning, I had been friends with Kwong Chi, who was this great photographer." - Keith Haring
Bill T. Jones, body painted by Keith Haring, London, England, 1983
William F. Buckley, Jr., Washington, D.C., 1981
“Kwong was someone who could … somehow maintain his subversive edge without the knowledge of his subjects, whom he was actually skewering."
- Kenny Scharf
William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, New York, New York, 1985
Yves St. Laurent and TSENG Kwong Chi, Metropolitan Museum, New York, New York, 1980
"The glittering “Party of the Year” of the Diana Vreeland years was half carnival, half museum opening. At such a spectacle, every guest is, like Tseng, both insider and intruder." - Richard Martin, Curator, The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ann Magnuson and Tom Rubnitz, New York, New York, 1985
Art After Midnight, New York, New York, c. 1981
"In each photograph Kwong took, I see not only the faces of the best friends long since vanished, but hear the gleeful laughter of the man behind the camera, a man delighted with life and gathering the evidence." - Ann Magnuson
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